Monthly Archives: December 2008

Pre-Christmas, Birmingham Gathering

It’s Christmas time. The run-up was surprisingly pleasant. The swarm of students all wanting help suddenly dried up as report deadlines approached. They all diverted off to getting these written up and printed out in time for the end of the semester. No doubt they’ll make up for the lack of project work later, but that won’t be till next year – so I’ll enjoy the peace while I can.
That ‘strange urge’ to go down to Birmingham for a pre-Christmas YouTube Gathering got stronger and stronger until… Went down on the Sunday, Monday Gathering, and back up Tuesday. Each Gathering I’ve been to has had its own character and style, and each one has been great, and this was no exception. Thirty people there??? not sure on the exact numbers, but a good crowd, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
Thank you Eddplant for organising it.
Got to play with my new video camera there (early Christmas present) and the videos seem to have come out O.K. Got them up on YouTube by Wednesday.
This time next week and it will be the New Year!

Students, projects, and Gatherings.

Well, it’s happened. This sudden realisation by the students that this semester is almost over, reports need to be handed in and the January exams are now only a month away… and they have done bugger all on their projects! So yesterday I had this large swarm of creatures all after help and support, and of course, wanting it immediately. But I can only be in one place at a time; circuits take time to develop and construct; “things” take time to do. I had been hoping that this year might have been a bit different, I did have one or two students turn up early and they are now making good progress. However one does one’s best.
Last Saturday was across in Edinburgh for a small Gathering. Peaked at about 8 or 9 people there – quality rather than quantity – a really good day out. Shame it was so cold, but it is the middle of winter, in the middle of Scotland, so what do you expect!
There’s also an ‘all-nighter’ session in the Student’s Union this Saturday which I appear to have been errr… tricked into buying a ticket for. Probably will wimp out at about 2 a.m., must remember to make sure my video camera has fully charged batteries. The camera is a small solid state one, small enough to live on my belt beside my phone yet can still give an OK quality video.
Am starting to have ‘strange urges’ to go down to a pre-Christmas YouTube Gathering in Birmingham. When I first got word of it I didn’t bother about it – too close to Christmas and all the crowds that go with it, plus quite a bit of travel involved, but… ummm… maybe…
Guess I’d also better think about some Christmas shopping. I really can’t be buggered with this time of year – a bit too heavy going. But shopping must be done sometime soon.

Early December

Another run down to London, and another YouTube Gathering last Saturday – the Advent Gathering. Met some amazing guys and girls again. A bit pissed off though. Usually these things slowly break up around 7 pm, so (for various reasons) I found myself heading off a little after 5. Sad, but not too concerned about missing the last little bit. However this time it went on right through the evening, and there’s no way about it, I’m really fucked off at missing it. But that’s the way life goes, you can’t undo the past (and past mistakes).

There should be a small Gathering in Edinburgh this week-end which I shall pop across to. Only 50 minutes on the train with trains every 30 minutes, so no problem getting there or getting back whenever it finishes.

It’s now early December, so all the Christmas hype is getting into full swing. Between you and me, all this Christmas stuff is really not my thing. Oh dear, a bit Bah-Humbug, but I do find this period so artificial and so very tiring. Not good at handling all the crowds, and wont be sorry to see January arrive.

Not been out on my motorbike much recently, too dam cold. Fingers tend to suffer a bit, and riding on ice is NOT my idea of ‘fun on two wheels’! If there was a break in the weather it would be nice to clip my small video camera onto the handlebars and try to take a video or two while riding. Could be fun.