Monthly Archives: March 2009

Manchester Gathering & stuff

Manchester’s mini-Gathering went well. Went down Friday evening, so had the Friday and Saturday nights there. Stayed in a rather crap hotel. One of those places where you don’t leave any sort of valuable in the room, but take them with you. Mind you, I’ve stayed in worse.
The Gathering itself was great. Usual story of nice to see a few familiar faces and nice to see some new ones. A couple of people there new to Gatherings, and they seemed to have a good time too. Bought a couple of (for me) rather odd trousers there. Black, baggy, with various metal and other attachments on them.
Not too sure when the next Gathering is. One thing I’ve found nice with them, and that is that they give you something to look forward to in that medium time-scale of a month or two.
Next week Mhazz (omgMhazzrocks) will be doing a gig in a local Beanscene coffee shop, which I’ll try and get to. Wonder if I could try to do a BlogTV from there using my mobile phone as a modem for my lap-top. Have done it before, but it does need a very good signal to get a suitable upload speed.
Some of the students I work with are starting to find themselves a bit ‘busy’! Usual story of leaving things too late. They are all turning up wanting help with project stuff which they really should have started some weeks ago, but…
Despite recession and things, most are getting good jobs. Thank goodness they are engineers rather than administrator-types, who appear to be the main victims of this troubled times.
Really need to get some better (more user-friendly) video editing software. Use Corel VideoStudio12, which is OK, but no more than OK. We’ll see.