Monthly Archives: April 2012

Update Time

The last time this had an update was the end of January; it’s now nearly the end of April, so ‘update time’.

At the start of February there was a nasty fire at work and that has caused major problems,including a lot of personal though work related stress.  Now, stress is one of those things that till it affects you, you really have no idea how debilitating it can be.  Stress can lead to disturbed or no sleep which means being really tired during the day.  This tiredness combined with the daytime stressful work situation makes for an even greater level of tiredness (exhaustion?) yet, despite this tiredness sleep is still illusive, so this whole thing becomes one vicious self-perpetuating circle.

The idea of interacting with others disappears (including interacting with this blog), however a few things are starting to sort themselves out a bit, plus a degree of ‘forcing an amount of normality into life’  should mean a bit more of a regular update routine for this blog.