Monthly Archives: August 2017

June July performance

End of July (what happened to June?!) so let’s see what’s what.

Big cap portfolio.

There have been a few more ‘downs’ than ‘ups’ than I’m really happy with in my big cap portfolio, but then that’s the nature of the stock market. As for general performance, fallers include GlaxoSmithKline and Tate & Lyle, but the main nasty has been JD Sports which through June and into early July fell by nearly 25%. However if you look at JD’s performance over the last three years it’s been a pretty solid non-stop climb. Add to that a sudden upsurge in April, then a bit of a correction was not unexpected. This fall has brought the share price back to where it was about 6 months ago and is also now showing signs of perking up again, so I’m not too worried.

On the performance plus side Rio Tinto and Electrocomponents are up nicely. Rio has moved up 20% from a local low in May, while Electrocomponents continues its general climb which started back in early October 2015. Back then we’re talking of a share price of around 170p, now around the 620p mark.
So despite JD Sports upset, the portfolio is still outperforming the FTSE100 index and is showing an annual rate of growth equivalent of a little over 8%.

Income portfolio.

As for my investment trust based income portfolio, that’s been flat-lining for the last couple of months. Despite this it ‘s still up 12% since its inception in December last year. However in dividends (it is, after all an income portfolio) it has returned an equivalent annual yield of 3.9%. Add that to its capital growth and I’m more than happy with it.

So it’s all very much let things continue on as they are, no plans to sell anything yet. The first real review time for that won’t be till September for the big cap portfolio (its 6 month point). Even then any re-balancing may not occur till its first birthday. Likewise not till December (1 year) for the income one.