Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad. Could have been better, could have been a lot worse.

If you go hoping for something that’s going to be intellectually demanding with inter-weaving plots and sub-plots then Gangster Squad will disappoint you. If however you’re just after something more like an old fashion gangster film where a few good cops take on the bad guys (these being in the shape of the mob plus a corrupt legal and police system) then you won’t be too disappointed.

Nothing to unusual. Post Second World War Los Angeles where the local mob, led by Mickey Cohen, controls almost everything. Needless to say anyone who either fails him or challenges him ends up (usually via a rather painful route) dead. The police chief wants our lead character, Sgt. O’Mara to take out Cohen any way that he can, and not to be too worried about keeping strictly within the law!

Plenty of action and typical sub-plots like the distressed but supportive wife. Some of the comedy in it I thought was a little bit misplaced and didn’t blend in with the more violent aspects.┬áMost of the story-line quite predictable (amazing how often the bad guys seem to miss even when firing with machine guns, but the good guys seem to hit, even with just single shots). Once we started getting towards the final climax the only thing I was left thinking about was whether our hero would ‘die a hero’s death’ in sorting out the bad guys or ‘live to tell the tale’.

If you want to know you’ll just have to go and see it.

Not a brilliant film, but I’ve seen an awful lot worse.

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