Thought I’d treat myself and go off to see Gravity.

It’s been out in America for some time now and has received some great reviews so I was really looking forward to this. What’s more I thought I’d not just see it in 3D but in big-screen style at my local IMAX cinema.

However I’m going to buck the trend and say I was not overly impressed.

I thought there was a great story line, this whole thing of what do you do and how do you react when things go wrong and there’s nobody there to help you. Decisions must be made, doing nothing is not an option. However it doesn’t matter how much training you have sorting out these decisions – which have life threatening consequences – they are never easy.

I also liked that it wasn’t a blockbuster with a cast of thousands but showed that having everything revolve around just two people can work too. What killed it for me was I think what many people liked – the 3D effects. There were just too many of them and with so many not adding to the scene but there ‘because we can do 3D’. The whole thing became a distraction with so many of these ‘in your face’ let’s have another bolt float past or a drop of water drift around or something else swing across your field of view, trying to follow and become involved with the on-going story development became almost impossible.

A shame really having these two competing activities, story and effects, both quite dramatic, not complimenting each other but competing for your attention. The net result being not really enjoying either to their full.

So if anybody wants to go and see Gravity then I’d suggest first go and see it in 2D and really get into the story, the tension, excitement and drama. Then go and see it again but this time in 3D and just sit back and enjoy the effects.

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