Oz the Great and Powerful

The new Oz the Great and Powerful film has received quite a bit of criticism for some poor casting and scripting however I did enjoy it.

It starts off in the same style as the original Wizard of Oz, as in a 4:3 type format and in black and white and once the story moves to the land of Oz it then shifts into colour (with the screen expanding out to a more normal – for today – widescreen cinema size).

We also have a similar start as in out principle protagonist, in this case a magician called Oscar Diggs, is just getting into trouble trying to live life when he finds himself ‘blown away’ by a tornado, and once he recovers he finds himself in the land of Oz. Here we meet some familiar people from the original as well as a few new characters, and of course some witches!

There is the obvious developments of good and evil as one would expect, and Diggs must sort himself out as to how ‘good’ he what he wants to be.

As much as I liked the film I will agree that some of the casting and scripting was a poor and the final conflict resolution unconvincing. It is certainly not in the same league as the 1939 classic however the film did give us an insight into the development of Oz and how the wizard of Oz actually came into being.
What it really has done though is give me in interest in reading the original Baum’s books. They may have been written for a younger audience, but that’s no reason why an adult should not enjoy them.

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