Stitches is a clown,

…a rather¬†obnoxious one and not particularly good. Is invited to a boy’s birthday party where the children (typical 10 old types) quickly get bored and play a couple of tricks on him resulting in his rather bloody death.
Skip forward 6 years and it’s birthday party time again. Word soon gets round his classmates that this party is on and that parents will be away – so we end up with all the interplay that one expects from teenagers full of alcohol (and hormones!), however one of the gatecrashers is Stitches, back from the dead and wanting revenge on those who caused his death.
There are more than enough twists and turns in the plot (with plenty of interplay around the other characters) to give this film its own character, so it’s more than just your typical “revenge seeking” film.
Filmed in Ireland with many of the cast recruited locally giving a realistic feel to the film. Classed as a comedy horror with plenty of comic moments to make you laugh and plenty of horror moments to make you cringe. However this is not a Hollywood blockbuster type production so don’t expect over-the-top special effects, but more down-to-earth blood and guts!
For anyone who’s a Ross Noble (Stitches) fan or enjoys a bit of fun horror then go and see / get the DVD, however I can see that this film will not be to everybody’s tastes.

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