Wreck-It Ralph

Recently went to see Wreck-It Ralph.

An animation from the Disney studios which has already been out in much of the rest of the world for quits some time, but only recently has been released in the U.K.

Ralph plays the role of a ‘destruction’ character who seems to hit a mid-life crisis and wants to be a ‘good’ character for a change and win medals. So he leaves his console game and moves around into other games, but is not a true character of these environments so chaos and disruption occurs.

He eventually finds himself in an overly sweet game (I kept on thinking of a cross between My Little Pony and Charlie the Unicorn) called Sugar Rush, and its here where most of the plot / story-line develops from.

Shortly after his rather unconventional arrival he is befriended by a really annoying, irritating ”glitch” character girl called Vanellope, so annoying and irritating that she’s really quite likeable.

Anyway, ‘things happen’ and it’s then up to Ralph to sort out the situation.

I went to see this as I do enjoy animation and was not disappointed. However those who will really get the most from this film are those who are (or have been) into computer games. This film is just bursting with references to almost every successful computer or console game since Pac-Man (and that’s a game that came out in 1980) and as such has a much greater target audience age group than your typical Disney animation. This does give adults a really valid excuse to go and enjoy themselves with a bit of cartoon fun.

Wreck-It Ralph on IMDb.

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