Moving on.

This whole thing of people ‘moving on’ has got me thinking a bit. Everyone has their own reasons for actually signing up to things like YouTube or BlogTV (rather than just viewing anonymously) and then starting to put up their own videos.

In turn people have their own reasons for stopping.

For those who don’t stay long, perhaps boredom, or it wasn’t what they expected. Perhaps they expected too much and thought that as soon as they put up a video they’d get hundreds of views? It does happen, but *not* very often!
On the other hand, for those who have been around for some time, maybe their reason for originally starting was to be able to express themselves, and now that desire has been fulfilled. Perhaps it was to develop friendships, and they now want to maintain those friends through more direct means of contact. Maybe they’re just getting tired of it and it’s becoming a chore.

If you’ve been busy doing videos and have reached a peak and you can’t see your next objective or peak to aim for, then the only way ‘forward’ is down, and once you start going down you’re in the shit. Reversing a downward trend is almost impossible. Far better to stop while you’re ahead, take a break and have some chill-out time. Some time to recharge and take on fresh ideas. Some time to ‘grow up’ and see the whole thing from the perspective of someone that bit older. Maybe time to think of a change of style.

Also so much of this YouTube stuff can involve helping others, sometimes directly in your videos, chat, and responses. Sometimes indirectly by providing moral support in putting up your videos. Just the fact that you’ve put a video up and it’s available for others to watch and comment on can be of benefit to those who are not so good at directly socialising or interacting with others.

However you can’t help others and you definitely can’t help yourself if you are tired and fed up.

So if it’s time to move on, then it’s time to move on. There will be others in the wings ready to fill any gap, doing things in their own style and ways. Then once you’re ready to return, great, return. You’ll be that bit older and that bit wiser, and probably tackle things in a more mature way.

Don’t let things get boring and stale. Standing still gets you nowhere. Shift your butt and move!

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