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Attended the Nerdfighter Gathering last week-end. (27th June.) Including this one, I’ve now been to 10 gatherings that have required long distance travel. Sat down and worked out an overall approximate cost – and nearly required a change of underwear!!! Travel costs plus accommodation plus general spending; it all came to a rather scarily large amount. All I can say is that it has been worth it.

However this last gathering I did find a little different, and I must confess, not really my style. The previous ones have been dominated not just by YouTube users, but by YouTube video ‘producers’ or makers. People who find (need?) the method of communicating and expressing themselves through things like YouTube to be important to them. A specific type of character who might not find directly talking to strangers and those they are not familiar with particularly comfortable. Far easier to initially talk to others from the safety of the camera (and so of remoteness and distance). Make your own video, in your own time, no one pressuring you, and if you don’t like what you’ve said, then re-record it. No one else will be any the wiser. Likewise people can respond in their own time, safely from a distance. So on any first eventual encounter, you are not total strangers.

On the other hand this gathering had a large number of purely ‘user types’ there. A different character of person. Many principally there to see Maureen Johnson, an American author of novels and short stories aimed at young adults. This certainly gave the gathering a different atmosphere. A large group which was not one of active two-way communication, but of ‘principle participant’ with a relatively passive audience, and a second group of more interactive people. Overall, as a middle-aged adult, I did not find things totally comfortable, and for a first time ever at a gathering, found myself with feelings of stress.

I guess the day generally was an okay day. Re-established contact with one or two familiar faces. Met one or two new ones. Ended up going to a Julia Nunes gig; but I’ve got to ask myself was it worth the cost of the train fare, the travel time involved, and then the cost of overnight accommodation for two nights in London. Ummm…. need to think on this. If it had not been for two, no, three people, then definitely NO. On the other hand can I really expect *every* gathering I ever go to to be brilliantly wonderful? To be muttering about only one out of ten is not bad going. Also it itself was not ‘bad’, just ‘okay but…’.

Anyway, another time, another place, and another gathering will happen. Already thinking on my next one.

Be There!

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  1. Just came over to your blog as you had linked to it in a video post and I found this interesting article.

    Although I was not at the nerd fighter gathering I think I can relate to what you are saying with regards to “YouTube people” being of a certain type of character.

    I find the same tends applies to most people who use the internet as an open means of communication.

    There is almost an understanding and an enjoyment of meeting people who you otherwise would never have the opportunity to meet and learn from. My favourite part of using YouTube (and the Internet as a whole) is the social aspect and the many wonderful people who are out there, (such as your good self 😉

    I think YouTubers and earlier adopters of new social media technologies tend to be more open when meeting people in real life for the first time,
    maybe because they have experienced from the “safety” of their computers that people have a lot to offer and once you get passed the initial awkwardness people are more often than not quite friendly and they can apply this knowledge to really life situations.

    Maybe I am just reading to deep in to the situation and some people are just genuinely shy (but I do find even people who I perceive to have a “shy” personality at YouTube gatherings make an effort to go round and talk to people)

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this comment


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