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YouTube friends

I’ve met some amazing people through YouTube, I’ve had great fun, I’ve learnt lots – especially about myself!!! It has helped me to gain self-confidence; gatherings have got me to travel to places I would never have bothered to go to – and found them nice places. However all is not roses and happiness in the proverbial garden, there is a darker side to it. I’ve seen abuse and harassment. I’ve seen people have to leave suddenly – not out of choice. I’ve seen new people arrive and be accepted by the established crowd, only to be dropped as soon as the next ‘new’ crowd of people arrive. The trouble is that the established crowd often don’t see it. They have their core element of principle friends, and they have this flow of new people coming and going providing a bit of novelty and extra spice to things. Of course, some of the new crowd will become ‘accepted’ into the established group (and will pick up the ways of that group), but so many can get dropped by the way-side.

However these things all just have to be taken on as part of life. You can’t let them get to you otherwise you’re going to have problems. But then so many people use YouTube for socialising because they already do have problems. So don’t rush things, and don’t go ‘chasing’ people. Get up a video or two, don’t try to impress – just be yourself. In time people will come to you and you will develop your own networks of contacts.
Ahhh… but of course, all this is easier said than done – but at least try.