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New phone – update

Getting used to finger scrolling, but it’s not up to iPhone quality. A bigger screen, not so much for improved viewing area, but to give more room for finger swiping could have improved things. It’s just not good at reliably differentiating between Finger Moving, and Finger Selecting on the screen. Using its built-in stylus as a touch device gets it working soooo much better, but then that defeats the objective of the finger-compatible screen.

Worked the battery through a few full charge followed by full discharge cycles. If I avoid the seriously heavy power users like CoPilot, but still doing general stuff and have it checking my e-mail every now and again, then a couple of days out of the battery. However although I’ve set it to check my e-mail every 30 minutes, it’s not doing that properly.

Still not impressed with CoPilot. Changing its settings to ‘Walking’ has helped the screen updating while wandering around, but despite being set to Walking it really wants to lock you onto roads. This is such that if you are walking through a park it will track you through the park while you are moving. About 2 seconds after you stop moving, regardless how far you are from a road, it jumps to a road. Not necessarily the nearest road, though it usually is. At one time my nearest set of roads were on the other side of a large river, so when I stopped that’s where it said I was – amazing!!! I’d jumped across a river without getting wet!!! A few seconds after I started moving again it put me back into the park – until I stopped again!
Also once it has put you onto a road, it does not want to leave that road, even if it’s the wrong road – as in where there may be two or three roads all close together.
There’s a few other niggles in the way it updates things like speed and direction.
The first phone I got with sat-nav on it I got about 4 years ago, and despite its age its sat-nav (Garmin-powered) pisses all over this.
Overall this really is a bit of a gimmick, a bit toytownish, CP not so much standing for CoPilot, but Crap Product.

The camera’s O.K. for your head & shoulders or couple of friends filling the screen, but the focusing (still picture or video) is crap at long distance stuff. I must see if there is some way of turning off the auto-focusing when trying to photograph general scenery.

When playing with the sat-nav I spent 10 minutes walking across a park, then 10 minutes walking back. That 20 minutes took the battery down from ‘half-full’ to ‘low battery warning’, the phone’s about to die level.

It’s works very well as a modem for my lap-top. My old HTC required to you open a connection box on the lap-top to ‘dial out’, but this is much simpler. Tell the phone I want to ‘Connect’ – as in use it as a modem – and then plug in the USB cable, and it just seems to work. (I’ve not tried it wilt Bluetooth.)
It’s also more reliable. My old system had a habit of the phone disconnecting if it went off to do something else like a scheduled routine e-mail check, or even receive a text message. This one stays connected.

Ha!!! I’ve just noticed some network traffic going up and down on its data monitor and it’s just alerted me to a new e-mail message. This message I know was sent at 13:44 and I know it got to my account at 13:45. It’s now 16:25, that’s nearly 3 hours – for a supposed check every 30 minutes (and yes, I have been in a good signal strength area for the last few hours).

More later.