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Early December

Another run down to London, and another YouTube Gathering last Saturday – the Advent Gathering. Met some amazing guys and girls again. A bit pissed off though. Usually these things slowly break up around 7 pm, so (for various reasons) I found myself heading off a little after 5. Sad, but not too concerned about missing the last little bit. However this time it went on right through the evening, and there’s no way about it, I’m really fucked off at missing it. But that’s the way life goes, you can’t undo the past (and past mistakes).

There should be a small Gathering in Edinburgh this week-end which I shall pop across to. Only 50 minutes on the train with trains every 30 minutes, so no problem getting there or getting back whenever it finishes.

It’s now early December, so all the Christmas hype is getting into full swing. Between you and me, all this Christmas stuff is really not my thing. Oh dear, a bit Bah-Humbug, but I do find this period so artificial and so very tiring. Not good at handling all the crowds, and wont be sorry to see January arrive.

Not been out on my motorbike much recently, too dam cold. Fingers tend to suffer a bit, and riding on ice is NOT my idea of ‘fun on two wheels’! If there was a break in the weather it would be nice to clip my small video camera onto the handlebars and try to take a video or two while riding. Could be fun.