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Students, projects, and Gatherings.

Well, it’s happened. This sudden realisation by the students that this semester is almost over, reports need to be handed in and the January exams are now only a month away… and they have done bugger all on their projects! So yesterday I had this large swarm of creatures all after help and support, and of course, wanting it immediately. But I can only be in one place at a time; circuits take time to develop and construct; “things” take time to do. I had been hoping that this year might have been a bit different, I did have one or two students turn up early and they are now making good progress. However one does one’s best.
Last Saturday was across in Edinburgh for a small Gathering. Peaked at about 8 or 9 people there – quality rather than quantity – a really good day out. Shame it was so cold, but it is the middle of winter, in the middle of Scotland, so what do you expect!
There’s also an ‘all-nighter’ session in the Student’s Union this Saturday which I appear to have been errr… tricked into buying a ticket for. Probably will wimp out at about 2 a.m., must remember to make sure my video camera has fully charged batteries. The camera is a small solid state one, small enough to live on my belt beside my phone yet can still give an OK quality video.
Am starting to have ‘strange urges’ to go down to a pre-Christmas YouTube Gathering in Birmingham. When I first got word of it I didn’t bother about it – too close to Christmas and all the crowds that go with it, plus quite a bit of travel involved, but… ummm… maybe…
Guess I’d also better think about some Christmas shopping. I really can’t be buggered with this time of year – a bit too heavy going. But shopping must be done sometime soon.


Thought I would try something a bit different. Uni has not yet restarted, but the students’ union Games Room bar is starting to fill up again – especially on a Tuesday. Guys and girls are heading back into the city getting accommodation sorted out, quite a few of the local colleges have restarted, and those guys use the place too. So I thought I’d take up my lap-top (never go far without it) and a small USB webcam, and see if I could go live from there via my stressedtechnician BlogTV account.
First tried networking by using the local wireless set-up, but the university firewall blocked enough of the channels used by BlogTV to stop it working. So plugged my phone to the lap-top and used that to go onto the internet.
Pleasantly surprised as to how well it worked. My phone typically downloads at around 1 Mbps and uploads at around 330Kbps. Watching the data feed, upload speeds to BlogTV varied from say 80Kbps when there was no movement or change in the picture, to around 250Kbps when there was a large amount of activity.
Kept it going for about 20 minutes. Somehow managed to get 6 viewers, which surprised me considering this was done unannounced or anything like that. One commented that they thought the place looked very sterile, rather like their school cafeteria! Mind you, they were getting a very restricted view. Might give it a try again next Tuesday, probably between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.
But it did show to me the flexibility of mobile internet stuff.
(Mind you, if I’m going to wave a webcam at half-pissed students wanting to show off, I’d better keep a finger near the Kill Transmission button!!!)