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Friends and the Internet.

Had a bit of fun last week-end. Friday morning and hire a car here in Glasgow and then head across to Edinburgh airport to pick up a friend flying across from America. I guess I’d better be careful on the use of the word ‘friend’. This was someone I’d never physically met before, but had got to know recently through things like YouTube – one of those ‘internet friends’ that so many uninformed adults seem so paranoid over.
Back to Glasgow to pick up another friend (someone who I now regularly share a coffee with, but first noticed through BlogTV – internet contact again). Then head off down to Bury St. Edmunds to meet Tom and Ed. These are two brilliant musicians I know, and no prizes for guessing that my first contact with them was internet related (YouTube; Tom – Hexachordal, Ed – Eddplant). Down there they were performing some of their music to a small crowd of others, most of whom I know and had also initially met through things like YouTube.

Drive back up on Sunday, then Monday around Glasgow meeting up with one or two others. Again, one way or another, these others were first met because of the internet. Tuesday, and it’s time for Americans to head back to America.
I now have more ‘Real Life Friends’ who mean something to me and that I meet and socialise with on a regular basis but who I first discovered through the internet, than ‘Real Life Friends’ who were just met in ‘real life’. The same goes for my contact list on my mobile phone – dominated by internet related contacts.
Social networking through the internet is rapidly becoming a very physical-social situation. Social networking sites are no longer just made up of individuals, but of interacting social groups. People know people, groups know groups. New individuals making contact can be quickly checked out and if anything suspicious found, then others can be alerted.

I now feel *far safer* when first meeting someone if I have already made some sort of contact with them through the internet compared to meeting some stranger in the pub or any ‘real’ location where I just don’t know who this person is.

February Gatherings, & BT problems.

I got a strange message from my internet providers recently… ‘we’re sorry you are shortly leaving us…’ What the Fu*k! Contacted them and they say that it’s because my phone line has been de-activated. Try to use land line and find I can’t dial out (or call in). Get on to BT who say that they disconnected it (strange that the broadband was still working!) because I had requested it as the property was vacant.
Total lies from BT.
They have got me re-activated, though with a different phone number. However at the moment I’m having to use my mobile phone as an internet modem while my internet providers sort out their de-activation and re-activation process.
A general pain-in-the-bum!
Why BT lied to me when they said that *I* had requested the de-activation I don’t know. But then that’s BT for you.

Early in February there was the Milton Keynes Gathering. Some really bad weather around then put a lot of people off going. However I got down from Glasgow, and another lad got across from Northern Ireland.
I was due to fly down from Glasgow to Luton the afternoon before (Friday). However Friday morning Luton airport was closed because of the snow. The announcement on their web site said they should be opening at 12:00 mid-day. But that changed to still closed, opening at 1 pm, then opening at 2 pm , then 3 pm… eventually opened around 4 pm.
My flight, due to leave Glasgow at 4:15, left a bit after 5, which considering the conditions was not too bad. Got to Luton, the direct coach connection to Milton Keynes was not running, so had to do a rather strange train journey jumping around a bit, which included travel in a taxi as one link in the rail journey was not operating. Got to Milton Keynes O.K., and not that much later than originally planned for.
The Gathering was brilliant, about a dozen there. The usual things of socialising, food, laserquest type stuff. The weather stabilised, such that my journey back to Glasgow on the Sunday was (pleasantly) uneventful.

In January, a session on a Charlie BlogTV show had also talked about an early February Gathering down in Bath. So I quickly booked some easyJet flight tickets down – the later you leave it with easyJet, the more expensive it becomes! However, later this date got changed to the latter part of Feb, then everything then went very quiet about it. So quiet I assumed it was not actually happening but still thought I’d go down as a nice break away from here.
I then heard about a mini-Gathering in Manchester the week after Bath, so (assuming Bath not happening) arranged for that Gathering instead – but as things were already arranged for Bath, still go there for the break. Then just before heading down to Bath, a rather pleasant e-mail from Charlie’s mum (on the Thursday) telling me that the Bath Gathering (Bathering) is going to be happening on the Saturday after all. Wow. A really great time down there. Good to meet Charlie and Tom again, plus other familiar faces. Good to meet some new people too.

This leaves me now with Manchester in a few days time. Three Gatherings in one month is a little bit scary!