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There was I, quite innocently walking past the Students’ Union last Friday (Halloween,and the Union running a 12 hour – 8pm > 8am session) when I saw a couple of people I know who were on their way in, so stopped to talk to them. Then found myself tricked (yes, tricked I tell you, tricked again) into going in!

Well, we managed to find a bit of space in an upstairs bar (the Barony was heaving), but after about an hour I found myself feeling quite out of place and uncomfortable, being one of the few not dressed up for the occasion. Luckily home is only 15 minutes walk away so I escaped out, came home and managed to generate up an all black clothing rig and zapped my face with some white makeup, and with blackened eyes. (Anyone asking as to why I happen to have white and black makeup at home will be rewarded with a swift kick in the nuts!) Back to the Union and feeling a lot more like joining in. Left a little before 2 am generally having had quite a good night. Some of the guys and girls there really had made an excellent effort. Tried to do a live BlogTV session from there, but the sound was buggering me around on my little net-book. (More on that later perhaps.)

So, once again, hoodwinked into doing things by horrible student-type creatures. Ummm….

First TFI

It’s nearly the end of September, so Uni is starting again shortly. Seena few familiar faces around the city, the Student’s Union is filling up, and yesterday was the first of the new season’s TFIs. Though it was reasonably full, I’ve seen it fuller. But this is just Freshers’ week, not all the serious TFI head-cases are back yet, but a few were there! Be curious to see what it’s like next week when everyone’s back for lectures. Did get a couple of web-cam type video clips taken of some of the TFI stuff, and uploaded them to YouTube. Should get one or two views.
It’s a good thing most parents haven’t figured out things like YouTube yet – they’d probably have a fit if they saw what their lovely little offspring get up to after a few beers too many!

Get the right crowd in TFI and in the right mood, and the atmosphere in there is Absolutely Amazing. It doesn’t happen so often now (since a change in drinking policy), but when it does, then it’s just so awesomely mind-blowing.

I’m off to Cornwall for a couple of days. Make a nicebreak from here. Though made sure I should be back for next Friday!