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Motorway speed limit

People have been talking recently about increasing the motorway speed limit to 80 mph. I’d like to see this happen, even if just given a trial on one or two roads.

At the moment when a motorway has reasonably free running traffic people tend to drive around 80 mph naturally. It’s not as if it is just one or two drivers, but a significant percentage (who are of course distracted from paying proper attention to what is in front of them by worrying about being nicked). So all this would do would bring the law into line with the reality of what’s actually happening on the roads. The real problem is with inappropriate speed, not high speed, and that’s best sorted out by proper education and getting people to drive at the speed they are comfortable with.

Britain’s speed limit is lower than many other countries in Europe while some roads in Germany have no restriction on them at all (though there is a recommended 130 Km/h (81 mph) limit), yet even on the unrestricted autobahns you very rarely hear of any accidents. Remove the distraction of worrying about being caught may even reduce the number of motorway incidents.

However what I’d really like to see is more ‘active’ speed limit controls, especially on urban motorways. So often the limits on these roads are set to cater for the rush hour traffic situation which is totally different from the rest of the day, let alone week-end. Driving down an almost empty, 50 mph limited motorway on a Sunday morning just generates contempt and disrespect for speed limits, and this contempt is then carried across to other situations. Adjust the limit as the situation changes (morning, afternoon, night; weekday, weekend) and then however vigourously enforce the limits. The technology is there to give variable limits, urban motorways are quite heavily monitored with video cameras feeding back to control centres, people are quite used to seeing electronic signs around the place, so there’s no technical reason why this could not happen, just a matter of politicians making decisions!

Vlogs, Traffic problems, students.

First few 1 minute videos up. So far so good. It does, however, take me hours rather than minutes to get each one done. What has been interesting is looking around one or two other experienced, regular YouTube / BlogTV uploaders who are doing the VEDA thing, and seeing that this putting something up every day has been giving them problems. Even for experienced vloggers it’s not been as easy as it looks; a bit reassuring for us mere mortals. I’ll just stick with my attempts of twice during the week and once on the week-end.
Doing it just for 1 minute dose add an extra level of complexity to it though. No, ‘oh I’ve finish early so stop now’. No being able to take time to talk about something. Just 60 seconds to work with. Though I will admit my 60 seconds is plus or minus 5 seconds or so. I’ve mentioned in other places, peesemould, who managed to do a YouTube minute a day video for a year!

Easter long week-end over. Managed to get out on my bike (Honda 500) for the first time in ages. Went down to a local seaside town of Largs. Headed down mid morning time (holiday Monday) and the traffic was not too heavy. Left to returned to Glasgow (earlier than anticipated in order to meet a friend) about 2 p.m. and on my way out passed around 4 miles of stationary traffic all trying to get into the town! Then I found myself in a bit of a queue of slow moving vehicles, however being on a bike enabled me get passed everything fairly easily. What was causing the blockage – one of those ‘old grannies’, I’ll guess around 70 or 75, could hardly see over the steering wheel, travelling at a speed that was causing huge problems to other road users. I do appreciate that, especially in more rural areas with limited public transport, the car is important to enable people to travel and get around. However a style of driving that may have been acceptable 40 years ago when there was far less traffic on the roads (and the whole of life went at a slower pace) is now a style that is not suitable in today’s conditions.

It’s a two week Easter break for the students, but most are in busy building projects. It’s really showing now with deadlines approaching; those who have made the effort and those who have not!