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Vlogs & VEDA

Very happy with my new camera. Now I just need to make it earn its keep and get using it! I have a Vimeo account which I have never really used, so perhaps I’ll kick that into life for non-YouTube type videos.
VEDA, video each day in April. I’m not particularly good performing in front of a camera. I need that reaction or response that you get from people in a 1 to 1 (or 1 to many) situation. This talking to a camera with no direct feedback is not something I’m happy with. However I’ve been meaning for ages to do more vlog-type videos, and this VEDA may just be that bit of motivation to get me to do it. There is no point in trying to do one *every* day, that just would not work. So target for three times a week, and target each as a 1 minute video. Long enough to be able to say something, but not long enough to become like a load of waffle. See how it goes, no idea how long I’ll keep it going for, that will depend on how I feel about it. Though it will be good experience, and I hope a bit of fun.
They’ll go up on my StressedTechy YouTube channel rather than my main StressedTechnician one, so if it does not go well it won’t interfere with my main channel.
It’s the Easter holiday week-end, so naturally it’s raining! That reminds me, next week there is a YouTube Gathering here in Glasgow which I plan to attend. I hope the weather’s going to be O.K. for it.


It’s the summer, so it’s raining. And I need to get up onto the roof to do some work.

As it’s summer Uni is relatively empty, but there’s still plenty going on. A couple of PhD students’ experiments are getting to a stage of requiring a lot of technical support. Also usually over the summer many of the undergrads get placements in industry. But this year there seem to be fewer industrial placements going, and for some reason this year there’s more funding available for research and placements within the university. So it’s relatively full of those little horrors who, having pissed me off during the semester, won’t even give me a summer break but are still here.

It’s also exam re-sit time. (Was going to say ‘Hahaha…’ but I guess that’s a bit cruel, so I won’t.)

Oh, I knew there was something else bugging me about students…
As for being text’d at 9:30 at night; things that start with ‘Sorry to bother you…’ Ahhhh…. can’t even have my evenings in peace and quiet!!! (Had it finished …but I’ll buy you a beer…., now that would have been so much better.)