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Talking to Yourself

The wonders of talking to yourself are generally underestimated.

Children seem to be able to talk to themselves with amazing ease especially when given a task to do, however they do seem to be discouraged from the practice – what’s that phrase ‘children should be seen but not heard’.
It does seem to re-assert itself again later in life and is often seen as a precursor to the arrival of old age.

There are though practical advantages in doing it. It can help you to clarify your thoughts and help you to focus on the task at hand. It gives a chance for a sensibly paced way of rehearsal before action.
Mentally thinking through a task can sometimes be done too easily and quickly and you can end up skimming through the harder or more lengthy sections, where the relatively slower action of talking through the process out loud can result in a more complete review of the process.

Plus a good bit of talking loudly to yourself can do wonders when in a crowded environment and you want a bit of physical space of your own!

One thing though to be careful of, and that’s that you don’t end up arguing with yourself only to find you’re losing your own arguments. Not Good!