Film thoughts

I thought I’d put some film thoughts and reviews here.

I do like the cinema. It’s one of those places you can just go and head off to for a couple of hours when you want to escape from the reality and stresses of living in the ‘real world’.

That bit of escapism I think is so important, it provides a place where you can sit back, relax, disengage your brain from having to do any serous activity and let the big screen do the work of mental stimulation.

I also like the big screen feel and a sound system to match. There’s the feeling of a shared experience, the annoying adverts at the start (I usually just plat solitaire on my mobile phone during them), the trailers for films due out soon, then a final dimming of the lights before the feature begins.

There are always a few irritations; those who come in late, badly behaved children (and occasionally some adults too), the cost – husband, wife, two kids, the obligatory popcorn and hotdogs, travel to and from the cinema, and before you know it £50 has disappeared off for 90 minutes of what you hope will be a good film.

Okay, I can watch films at home on a big screen TV type setup, however at least for the first viewing of a film I find there’s no substitute for a trip to the cinema.

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