Recently seen the film Amour. A love story between an elderly couple.

It’s one of those films that starts by showing you the end (a dead body lying on a bed), then the rest of the film is how we get to that point.

Once we get past that start then we properly meet the two principal characters, an elderly couple, Georges and Anne. However quite quickly into their character development Anne suffers a stroke, and now we know what this film is really about – how their relationship develops under these circumstances (and to an extent how others looks upon the elderly).

I found this film interesting (just), however inter-personal drama is not really my sort of film, and this film did nothing to change that attitude.

The two main characters were very well performed, especially Anne with the portrail of a post-stroke victim, however the secondary characters (daughter, nurses, friends) came across as rather ‘thin’ and superficial and the overall storyline a bit too predictable.┬áThe film was pulled out to a little over two hours and by about half way through I found myself wanting the film to hurry up and finish. I also found the ending totally underwhelming.

If you like inter-personal drama then perhaps this film may be for you. It has received many good reviews from others, but it didn’t do it for me.

Never mind, another day another film.

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