Recently watched Epic.

A ‘family friendly’ animation, however it didn’t quite do it for me. The storyline was not unreasonable for an adventure animation – discovering that there really are fairies living at the bottom of your garden – and no more unreal than say Up (man plus boy escape off in a flying house to have an adventure) or Brave (daughter has to save mother who has turned into a bear), but where something like Up was great for kids but also had some interesting adult compatible themes running through it, Epic I found rather flat.

Some great graphics taking us down into a wonderful world of miniaturisation, and our human shrunk down to insect sized heroine having to do her part in a good versus evil situation, but the story was poorly executed. Just too generic, a mix of environment-related themes which have been tackled far better elsewhere and with nothing really new or novel to get our attention.

The humour was disappointing (and rather dated) and relied a bit too much on a slap-stick style for its execution. There was very little real character development combined with almost too many things going on at any one time to let any one situation properly expand out.

So a film that was kind of funny to watch at the time, but almost instantly forgotten the moment you left the cinema. A shame really; great potential, great graphics, but a wasted opportunity.

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