Jack Reacher and The Impossible

Seen the films Jack Reacher and The Impossible recently, so a few thoughts on them.

Jack Reacher I thoroughly enjoyed. Nothing too demanding, just a good all round crime action thriller film.
It starts off with what appears a lone gunman (hit man?) shooting a number of people in quick succession, however he is quickly apprehended by the police. All he then does is ask for Jack Reacher.

So, who is this (supposedly) lone gunman? Who is Jack? Are his random victims truly random? Is the gunman even guilty?
The prosecuting attorney is a relatively older guy, the defence attorney a younger woman who we quickly realise is the daughter of the prosecutor, so we have a nice bit of interaction there.
There is of course the obligatory car chase across the city!
So long as you don’t expect too much from a film like this then you can just enjoy the various plots and sub-plots as this crime drama runs its course.

The Impossible. It seems to be winning lots of praise however I was not impressed with it. In Thailand, a white, middle class family is swept away by the tsunami. How do they live their (now separate) lives over the next couple of days as they go looking for each other. Great effects, great acting but a crap screenplay. Overall this film did not ‘do it’ for me. Too predictable, in parts far too sentimental, little real character development, and a treatment of the local Thai population as, despite having just had their homes and livelihoods wiped away, being happy people whose sole job was to attend to the needs of the local white population.

I won’t be bothering to watch this film again.

(One thing to be aware of, there’s there’s quite a few close-up injury scenes and similar, so those not so keen on blood and guts will need to be prepared to ‘look away’ at times.)

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