Jack the Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer, here we have a variation on the old Jack and the beanstalk story combined with a typical ‘damsel in distress’ situation.

A fun family film, despite lots of violence and killing it’s quite family compatible. A very predictable story but then that’s nothing more than you expect – this is a take on classic fairy story situations (giants, a princess, a rather evil royal suitor, a lowly farm-boy) where we all know the outcomes anyway!

I like the fact that we got a little bit of history behind Jack’s magic beans and also a bit of history relating to the relationship between humans and giants. Helps to give the story a bit of context into how and why things do happen the way they do. Although the overall story was quite predictable, there were enough twists and turns to keep your attention on the plot line.

However, although there were interesting bits within the story it was just too predictable to be totally captivating. Again, some really good effects, especially with the giants, however some of the CGI was poor enough to be very distracting. As a swashbuckling type fast action adventure it didn’t quite do it for me. A little bit ‘too thin’ somehow that made me leave the cinema thinking ‘anti-climax’ rather than ‘wow, that really was worth the $200 million its estimated to have cost’. Happy enough to have gone and watched it but won’t be buying the DVD (even if at budget price).

Jack the Giant Killer on IMDb.

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