Looper. (September 2012.)

Loopers are paid assassins. So what happens when 30 years into the future your future self comes back to your own time and you have to kill him! You could of course kill him / your older self, but now you know you only have a set time left to live. (Thirty years might seem a long time, but it’s amazing how quickly time goes.) If you don’t kill him, then are you going to find yourself almost in a perpetual circle; living through into early old age to come back 30 years to see your younger self; to have him live 30 years to come back to see your younger self who lives…

However there’s a complication in this film in that The Mob wants to kill both younger and older you, so you need to kill your older self to The Mob happy and before they get you. While older you has come back to kill others (currently in their childhood) so that they will not perform certain actions later on, but can you actually change the time line, or does the time line know all and allow for this?

If you mix Bruce Willis (older you) with guns and a desire to kill then you tend to get a lot of blood and dead bodies, and this film is no exception. However don’t think fast action film but more a slow paced thriller-type. I did find at times (especially near the start) that it was going a bit too slow, however once the general situation has been established then things do pick up a bit. It never goes that fast, but especially towards the end the slower overall speed suites the way the conflicts are resolved.

There are a few interesting twists and turns through the film, and as a time travel type film it’s definitely one of the better ones I’ve seen. So (allowing for the slow start) I’ll give this a ‘go see’ recommendation.

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