Pacific Rim

Enjoyed Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim is an adventure fantasy film which really is almost non-stop action all the way through – a cross between Godzilla and Transformers, with a touch of Independence Day added for good measure. With so much action happening you’re not left with much time to concentrate on any complications in the plot, however there’s little of any sort of detailed plot to need to concentrate on!

Just think hero, falls from grace, but 5 years later is called back to save the world. Add to that a bit of antagonism between him (as the new arrival) and the other already established people he now has to work with combined with a bit of a love interest, and you have a story line where every move is quite predictable. However being so predictable can have its advantages in that you can sit down, chill out, and just enjoy an action packed movie without any distractions.

There are some amazing graphics, the fight scenes between the human controlled machines and monsters (both about the size of tower blocks) are spectacular. (A great time to be in the building industry as they seem to wipe out half a city with each fight.) There’s some fun humour too, much of which revolves around two mad scientist (so stereotypically unstable mad scientist types it’s almost painful) which nicely complements the more serious save the world stuff.

The trouble with Pacific Rim is that it’s an easily forgettable film. The acting is competent but I can’t see any Oscars there, there’s nothing that really stands out or is worth remembering with the plot, and as amazing as the graphics were, when the next bigger, even more graphic orientated blockbuster arrives then these graphics will just become routine.

So as much as I enjoyed Pacific Rim I’m not in a massive rush to head out to find the DVD.

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