Red 2 film

I did enjoy the film Red 2.

Mix action with spy with thriller with comedy and you have Red 2. With its guns, explosions, dead bodies and Bruce Willis and you can’t not think Die Hard. Add some James Bond, some Indiana Jones, mix with a touch of  Carry On Spying and then finally add Anthony Hopkins in a cell on his own (think Silence of the Lambs) gives you a couple of hours of fun entertainment.

There’s quite a bit of violence and shooting but very little blood, so a 12A rating, as one group of people go to retrieve a nuclear device ‘lost’ somewhere in Moscow during the Cold War while another group of people try to stop this first group. Never quite sure who are the good guys and who are the bad guys and who’s changed sides. Really nice that it’s not just based in America with a token visit to Moscow but the activities also taking you to Paris, London, Moscow, back to Paris and London… good to have this variety of locations.

For those who have not seen the original Red film then parts of this film (especially near the start) may be slightly confusing as this film does assume you already know the characters and their relationships to each other. Despite this it can happily stand on its own as a self-contained adventure; not seeing the original should not stop you from seeing this (if this is your type of film).

Not quite non stop in your-face-action but there is plenty of it. Plenty of comedy too however some of this was possibly a bit too slapstick silly for this type of film.

One trouble with it though, there was nothing really memorable with it. Enjoyed while I was watching but with no desire to see it again, one of those films that will be quickly forgotten.

Some Red 2 thoughts on YouTube.

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