Enjoyed Riddick which I saw a couple of days ago.

I suspect it won’t be to everybody’s taste. Here we have Riddick our principle character marooned on a rather desolate planet where most of the creatures there are bent on making him their lunch. Two groups of mercenary types arrive looking for him, and in turn these two groups also have no love for each other. So we then have the interplay between these two groups and our lead man, and also between the creatures on the planet and absolutely everybody.

It’s most definitely not action every second type fast moving ‘action blockbuster’, especially the first third is quite paced. However where there is action it can be quite graphic and bloody. If you’re a bit squeamish and might cringe at watching a creature eating its own entrails then you might be doing just a little bit of looking away from the screen at times. Overall though the graphics and effects are quite good, much of it is done in a very monochromatic way to emphasise the desolation of the place.

The film did make me think of Aliens in its style as this turns from an inter-person conflict with the planet as a background into a fight for survival type against the native creatures. The phrase ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ springs to mind.

I don’t know how this compares to the earlier Riddick films as I’ve not seen them, but with some quite reasonable performances put in by most of the main characters I’d be quite happy to watch this again. Would I buy the DVD, not at full price but could be tempted when it’s down at budget price. Perhaps comparing it to Aliens is a little bit too much as Aliens was a really awesome film, but if you liked Aliens then there’s a fair chance you’ll like this. If you didn’t like Aliens you probably won’t like this.

Riddick on IMDb.

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