R.I.P.D., not impressed.

I’ve recently seen R.I.P.D., very disappointed.

Think two-thirds Men in Black, one-third Ghost. From the MiB side, rather than having the police and security forces trying to look after aliens living on Earth our R.I.P.D. guys are trying to look after the undead. From the Ghost side there are similar themes along the lines where Patrick Swayze through the actions of his supposed best friend gets killed, then spends the rest of the film sorting that out.

However where Men in Black was a good comic romp all the way through, the comic side of R.I.P.D. really didn’t work particularly well. It was too stale, too clichéd. It had an almost identical police station to the extent that it could well have been next door room to Men in Black’s, there were almost identical guns and quite a few of the undead had similar characteristics to the MiB’s aliens. What it didn’t have was that sparkle that was there in the original Men in Black and it also lacked any real character development which was present in both MiB and Ghost.

Wasn’t helped by me catching a 3D showing. I hadn’t intended to but it was the showing I found myself in. This was definitely not showing its 3D abilities off at all well, almost everything there was for the sake of “we can do 3D” rather than for any contribution to the story line and / or viewing experience.

It’s a shame, because this film had such potential to be a real fun re-invention of Men in Black but this time it just didn’t work. Ah well, never mind.

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