Star Trek Into Darkness

Just seen Star Trek Into Darkness.

I did enjoy this Star Trek film, but no more than that, just enjoyed it.

As expected, there was some fun interplay between Kirk and Spock with the irrational versus the logical and the two having to learn from each other. A good performance by the villain, Khan, who, like Carol Marcus will be familiar to those who know the original films. There was also plenty of humour through which certainly added to it.

However I thought both Bones and Scotty’s performances were too stereotypical and clichéd which after a while became an irritation. Likewise the storyline was far to Earth centred to make it a good Star Trek. This is meant to be boldly going where no one has gone before, not meddling in Earth-domestic pettiness. Take out the obvious Star Trekness of it and it could quite easily have been any run of the mill Si-Fi film that really would not have got too many people’s attention.

Overall this re-hash of the original Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock lacked for me that sparkle and excitement that the first film had, so though I did enjoy this one I’m not in a rush to want to see it again.

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  1. mickyfitz13 says:

    Well i’m glad there isn’t a Search for Kirk movie coming after, but i can see that for the third film it’ll be a klingon war…kinda been building up to that…still i agree with your point, still i enjoyed it.

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