Taken 2

Just seen Taken 2.  (October 2012.)

I’ve not seen the original Taken, however there’s more than enough explanation early on in 2 to allow for this, and anyway it’s more than good enough to be watched as a stand-alone thriller.

Though the plot is not particularly original; husband / estranged wife / daughter in a hostage type situation, it’s really nice that it’s not just a “husband comes good and saves the day” type film but involves some interesting father / daughter co-operation action to get things sorted.

The lead actors give good convincing performances and there are plenty of twists and turns in it to give the film it’s own style and character.

There’s a fair bit of violence in it, but it does fit the situation and is never excessive, much of the film set in Istanbul which provides a nice backdrop for many of the scenes,

I’ve not seen the original film, but that did not distract from my enjoyment of this sequel.

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