The Croods

Went off to see The Croods recently.

A fun DreamWorks Animation film where our caveman family find their cave home destroyed and must adventure out into a strange new (and very colourful) world.

We have a family protected by a (rather over-controlling) father (Grug / Nicholas Cage), but within this family a teenage daughter (Eep / Emma Stone) hitting that time of life when she wants to adventure out and do her own thing however much that will be against father’s (protective) family rules. Add to that the arrival onto the scene of a teenage male (Guy / Ryan Reyonolds), who as well as catching the eye of daughter also appears to be able to handle himself far better than father in a new hostile world they find themselves in.

There’s plenty of fantasy slapstick style comedy to keep you laughing nicely balanced out with some inter-personal relationship developments  (all quite recognisable within any family today). This is especially true between father Grug and new arrival Guy, both in respect of Guy’s relationship with Eep and Guy’s ‘threat’ to Gurg as family leader. Needless to say things do get resolved towards the end, though it’s not without its ups and downs.

DreamWorks has over the years produced some amazing films. Not sure if I’d class this as ‘amazing’ partly because the standard for animation is now so high, to achieve that sort of status requires something really extra-special. However for anyone who enjoys a bit of cartoon fun then in this film, where action and activity is never far away, is certainly one to go watch and enjoy.

The Croods on IMDb.

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