The Fifth Estate

I’ve recently seen the Wikileaks film The Fifth Estate, but I’m afraid it’s not the film for me.

Or to put it another way, The Fifth Estate bored the pants off me. It wasn’t really technical enough or detailed enough to be a good documentary. On the other hand as a drama it was just rather long and drawn out, quite slow moving and with nothing much there to really excite me or keep my attention.

It’s over 2 hours long and I think perhaps two-thirds the way through, for quarter of an hour it did get me quite interested in where we had Wikileaks, The Guardian and the U. S. State Department responding to the Snowden situation, but that was quarter of an hour out of an over 2 hour long film. Not good.
Benedict Cumberbatch did a good portrayal of Julian Assange, however one person’s good performance can’t compensate for a poorly presented production.

I think it’s one of those films that had it been on the television I’d have probably watched it for the first quarter, got bored, wandered off, and maybe come back for the last quarter just to see if anything exciting happened towards the end.

Never mind, I’m not going to enjoy every film I see in the cinema. I suppose I’m not surprised to see it’s quite quickly fallen down the cinema listings in that when first came out a few days ago here it was top billing in the cinema, now it’s just down to two or three showings a day and the showing I was in was very empty, but there we go, such is life.

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