The Wolverine

Enjoyed watching The Wolverine.

I’m not a big follower of the X-Men series. I saw the second X-Men film in the cinema and only after that saw the first film on television. However that did give me enough of a background to work with as to who or what Wolverine is and about the world of these mutant super heroes because I think without that basic level of information some could find the film a bit confusing.

As for the film itself, I found the plot was a bit thin and there was a general lack of character development. One problem here was that there were just too many other principle-type characters all vying for your attention. This meant there was not time to properly develop any one individual. That was a bit of a shame as each of these other characters all had a bit of potential ‘interest’ to be drawn out from them.

Thinking of the plot, most of it was quite predictable, however I don’t think it was any the worse for that. So you could quickly guess that a good character may not be that good or a bad character not that bad, but it was still fun seeing how the film was going to develop in order to tell you this.

I also liked that though it was an action film it wasn’t non-stop in your face continuous but had breaks between major scene events. A fair bit of violence but all fitted in with the flow and context of the film itself.

There was also the best on top of a train fight scene that I’ve seen in a long time. Mix in with that various bits of humour and it made for me an enjoyable couple of hours.

Would I go and see the film again on the big screen? If friends said they were going and asked if I wanted to come along I’d happily go for a second viewing. Would I buy the DVD, not at full price but if it was 3 for 2 and I’d got the 2 I wanted then this could well make up the third one.

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