I did enjoy Trance, but it’s definitely not the film for everybody.

An art theft goes wrong, so a hypnotherapist is brought in to try and sort a few things out. For the first half of the film things seem to go in a fairly ordered (if at times rather violent) way. However it then becomes apparent that things are not as simple as you thought, with peoples’ past history more complex than what first appears. You then find yourself wondering if you have been watching a ‘real life’ progression of events, someone’s hypnotic re-living of a recent past experience, or someone’s desires as to how things should have gone / should go.

This means it is not an easy film to watch, but then Danny Boyle does not usually take the easy option when directing! Especially once you realise what’s going on, effort is required on the viewer’s part to sort things out. There’s also no natural break in the film to give a bit of time for thought and reflection, one event situation leads straight on to another event situation without any pause in between. With various events happening in flash-back this is definitely a film which will require a re-watch in order to sort out quite what’s going on. There is also a fair bit of sex and nudity (it’s the first time I’ve seen full frontal nudity on the big screen in ages), but that all flows naturally with the rhythm of the film. It’s also quite violent in parts – how are your fingernails today!

So an interesting take on what could have been a rather routine crime / drama film.

If you enjoyed Inception (or for that matter The Matrix) then there’s a fair chance you’ll enjoy this. If Inception was not your thing, then this will probably not be your thing either.


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