Interesting Things

I hope over time to get here a few links to some interesting things I’ve noticed on the web. Not necessarily ‘favourites’  but things that have at least got my attention one way or another.


  •  Best ‘beauty advert‘ I think I’ve ever seen, and so true!
  • The perils of having long hair, as seen by the North Korean authorities. Apparently it can rob the brain of energy!
  • Their catchphrase may be “Ideas Worth Spreading”, but the TED site has some interesting talks from the various TED conferences that happen around the world.
  • Cambridge in Colour is a site with some really good explanations and tutorials  about digital cameras. Useful for those thinking about buying a camera as to ‘what’s what’, and for those with a camera who want to make the most from it.

(last updated 2012-01-23)

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