Dirleton Castle

In the summer I had a look around Dirleton Castle.

Dirleton Castle’s┬áhistory goes back to the early 13th century and John de Vaux, an Anglo-Norman knight whose family had been invited to Scotland by David I. The castle had an active history of expansion coinciding with various change of owners through to the 1650s when Oliver cromwell used mortars against it during a siege. After this it was allowed to fall derelict and slowly decay into a ruin.

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While the castle was allowed to decay the gardens around it were developed, the castle providing a suitably romantic backdrop. This horticultural development has continued from the 16 century almost continuously through to the present day.

Located close to North Berwick, and just under 20 miles to the east Of Edinburgh. Well worth a visit, both for the castle and the surrounding gardens and grounds.

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