Linlithgow Palace.

Linlithgow Palace, a little to the west of Edinburgh.

The ‘modern’ palace goes back to the 1420s though a royal manor existed here earlier. Signs of occupation and use as a settlement can be traced back to the Romans.
Over time it has been the residence of various kings and queens of Scotland.
Reached its peak perhaps around the early 1600s, then starting a slow descent into disuse with much of it finally being destroyed by fire in 1746.

The birth place of King James V and of Mary, Queen of Scots and was the principle residence for the Scottish monarch during the 15th and 16th centuries. Its decline started when James VI moved the royal court down to London after his coronation there as James I of England.

Really is worth a visit.

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Surrounded by a nice park and grassland, and located beside Linlithgow Loch makes it a great place for a picnic. It’s only a short distance from Edinburgh so easily accessible from there or from Glasgow. Beside the Palace is the 15th century parish church of St Michael which is also worth a look around. Perhaps the most striking feature of this kirk is its unusual aluminium crown, installed in 1964.

Linlithgow Palace is one of those places that once visited will not be quickly forgotten.

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