Summer / Winter clock change.

Writing this, it’s that time of year when the clocks are changed by an hour, it’s that summer / winter clock change time again. Something that I think is a real pain in the arse.

I really don’t know why we keep on doing it. After all, it doesn’t give you any more daylight. If you’re on the equator then you get 12 hours of ‘day’ and 12 hours of ‘night’ making up your 24 hour day. For the rest of us, the daylight to darkness ratio is dependent on your latitude and the season. So if on a particular winter’s day you are due to get 9 hours of light, then that’s what you get, perhaps it’s summer so on a specific day maybe 15 hours of daylight. No amount of shifting clocks is going to change that. If it’s 15 hours from sunrise to sunset, then it’s 15 hours.

With all this clock changing, one group will say how the day biased to more light in the morning hours cuts down on one set of accidents, another group will argue their case saying how having the daylight biased to the evening willbenefit them. What ever you do, you’re not going to please everybody. So why not leave the clocks alone, and then let people adjust their own requirements to suit their own situations.After all , the relationship between the Earth and the Sun is not going to be altered just because someone wants to muck around with a clock. So when the sun is at its peak position in the middle of the sky, make that mid-day! A fixed point that everybody can relate to.

The Earth rotated around its own axis and in turn rotates around the Sun, live with it!

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  1. Well said John.

    I dont mind the clocks but it can be annoying at times to change them.

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